What We DO

Botsford Associates is a boutique consultancy with a focus on financial services and technology consulting. We provide subject matter experts across business and technology organizations.

Our consultants are engaged both on a project basis  as well as through staff augmentation on our client’s most critical and trans-formative projects.

Our subject matter experts specialize in understanding the business problem and bridging the gap between business and technology, helping to drive process innovation and end to end execution.

Our projects include complex regulatory and compliance change, new business build outs, as well as business automation and digital transformation. We help our clients develop new Target Operating Models as well as implement the change management of people and systems across all functions of their organization. We specialize in leading digital transformation by empowering businesses that want to be more agile and faster to market with their products while keeping in compliance with an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

We stay at the forefront of technology for our clients with a focus right now on advising and implementing cloud solutions that are helping take their business to the next level. We help our clients with real uses of big data, predictive analytics and cloud computing that secures them a competitive market advantage.